Tramadol Opioid analgesic, one of the derivatives of cyclohexanol. Substance of white color, flavourless. It is released mainly in tablets. After taking it is quickly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. After 2 hours, concentrated in plasma. Quickly distributed in organs and takan. Sedative. It is accepted for pain relief in case of injuries, heart attack, malignant tumors, neuralgia. Excreted in the urine (90%) and feces. Side Effects: Inhibited thinking, dullness of consciousness, weakness, dizziness, drowsiness, convulsions, disorders of the cardiovascular system, nausea, constipation, vomiting, increased sweating, abdominal pain, rash, difficulty urinating, blurred vision, motor activity, perception, allergies . Dangerous With hypersensitivity to the drug, in children and, especially, infancy, alcohol intoxication, with the use of hypnotics, drug addiction, liver disease and kidney disease. With prolonged use during pregnancy is addictive to the fetus. Long-term use during breastfeeding – is addictive in the child.

Causes physical and mental addiction. It can not be used as a treatment of drug addiction to other narcotic drugs. Dangerous for traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, with increased arterial and intracranial pressure, shock, difficulty breathing, and loss of consciousness. OVERDOSE (INTOXICATION) WITH THE PREPARATION OF THE PREPARATION: Reduced attention Slow reaction Vomiting Pressure drop Constricted or dilated pupils Difficulty breathing Stopping breathing with a heartbeat Cardiac collapse with convulsions Epilepsy Fainting Coma Tradol is dangerous. While taking the drug can not drive a car, work on the machine, play sports. With the abolition of the drug develops insomnia, agitation, nervousness.



Invented in 1962, when an employee of the German pharmaceutical company GRÜNENTHAL GmbH (“Grünental”) –
Dr. Kurt Flick, synthesized tramadol molecule, a drug, with its appearance marked the beginning
the creation of opioid narcotic analgesics.

In a very short time, the drug has become the most prescribed centrally acting monoalgetic in the world.

Over the time since the creation of the drug, he was discharged to more than 70 million patients worldwide, and the company Grünental,
since then, earns on the invention, made by her employee, about 5 million US dollars per minute.

Currently, in addition to the companies Grünental, the production and distribution of tramadol in the world, is engaged in another 17 companies.
Their total sales are, on average, 25 million single doses of tramadol per minute, although the need for medicine in tramadol is
not more than 75 percent of this amount.
The total income of these companies from the sale of tramadol is about 75 million dollars per minute.


Tramadol like a dope

Tramadol, as a narcotic substance, is among the most powerful and dangerous drugs. Moreover: In terms of its impact on the human body, it is in second place – after trimethylfentanil, however, since law enforcement agencies throughout the world have finally destroyed trimethylfentanyl production, now tramadol can be considered the most dangerous drug.

Even with a slight excess of the recommended dosages, that is – when used as a narcotic substance,
physical and psychological dependence on the drug, occur immediately after the first use.

“Tramadol epidemic”

Almost immediately after the appearance of the drug, among drug addicts it became clear that when used as a narcotic substance, the drug, by the nature of its effect on the human body, is comparable to the strongest narcotic substances, therefore,
due to the official status of the drug in most states, and, accordingly –
greater, compared with illegal drugs, availability, and lack of responsibility before the law,
some drug addicts began to be consumed
either as a substitute for the main drug of the addict, or – in addition to it, or – as the main drug.

The wave of tramadol addiction began to grow almost immediately after the invention of the drug and its sale, since 1962,
as a result, literally over a year, sales of tramadol soared by about a quarter.

At the same time, a sharp increase in the number of ambulance calls associated with an overdose of tramadol was recorded worldwide.
since the drug was new, none of the drug addicts could yet understand where that limit of tramadol was,
to go for which is already fraught with overdose.

In 1962, on the average in the world, about 25 thousand emergency calls were recorded daily, associated with an overdose of tramadol,
and up to 18 thousand 750 of these calls per day ended with a statement of the death of the patient. In total, since the beginning of the “tramadol epidemic” –
from 1962 to the present – a total of about 375 million people have died from an overdose of the drug worldwide.
Thus, on average, every 4 seconds, in the world, from an overdose of tramadol, 1 person dies.
Currently, the number of drug addicts from tramadol in the world is about 125 million people
which is about a third of the total number of all drug addicts in the world.

During his presence in the life of drug addicts on the planet, tramadol, in fact, became the most popular drug in world history, as well as
became notorious for being a drug with extremely high mortality –
only 25 percent of the former and current tramadol addicts die their death, in all other cases its causes are directly or indirectly related to drug dependence on tramadol.


Condition of a person using tramadol as a drug

The first day. Within 1 – 2 minutes after the first and subsequent use, there is
the onset of the strongest euphoria, which is so strong that a person, being in a sober state, cannot test it.
At its first offensive, such euphoria can last a very long time – from 12 to 36 hours, however,
as the addict’s organism gets used to tramadol, the strength and duration of euphoria decreases, gradually decreasing
by strength to barely perceptible by intoxication, and by duration – up to 1 – 5 minutes.

Also, at the first and subsequent uses of the drug, there is an onset of a condition similar to that which occurs
when taking another drug – “Ecstasy”: A person falls into an extremely empathic state – abnormal in strength wakes up in him, for a sober person – emotional susceptibility, craving for empathy, desire to help others in their present and invented dependent problems, to provide support. Moreover, this state is so strong that a person can show strong sympathy even to the worst enemy, and, moreover, sympathy that arose against the background of the action of tramadol, even to the worst enemy, remains with the person and in a sober state that it can cause problems with communication After all, such sympathy can arise even to those people whom it is obviously not worth trusting.

Also, after the first and subsequent use of the drug, there is an abnormal strength, for a sober person, the tide
vigor and relaxedness, which, as an addicted organism is addicted to tramadol, as well as euphoria and empathy, practically disappear. Moreover, among tramadol-dependent, from among those who consume the drug a considerable time – 2 years, and more –
when taking the drug, conditions similar to those occurring after taking such drugs as LSD or cocaine are observed
addicts begin to overcome attacks of paranoia and persecution mania.

By the end of the first – second day, that is – as the intoxication weakens, nightmares are observed, and the fear of being alone.

First week. After the first week of use, against the background of euphoria, the addict observed the appearance of the first hallucinations:
the addict allegedly hears and / or sees various creatures, conducts dialogues with them,
supposedly observes the development of various – mostly extreme – situations, observing them from the side. At the same time, against the background of the existing euphoria, he perceives the events allegedly happening to him extremely positively –
as an exciting, thrilling adventure.

The first month. When using the drug for a month, there is
persistent loss of appetite, increasing demand for fluid intake, for some addicts, the desire to eat disappears altogether.

First quarter. A drug addict, for whom tramadol is the main or only drug,
after 3 months of systematic use of the drug, there is a general physical, and, especially, mental and psychological exhaustion – the dependent becomes less active, and more impressionable – mostly cheerful, but at the same time – irritable, and also tearful.
The addict has increased pressure, more often and more headaches, the addict often faints.
There is a noticeable weakening of the ability to remember, an increase in dispersion,
an addict needs to apply much more than before to concentrate.

First year. After 1 year of systematic use, there is
weakening of the bone tissue, resulting in increased risk of fractures, other bone injuries, and related bodily injuries.
An addict visibly loses weight, sometimes loss of teeth and hair occurs.

Further. After 2 years of use, the psychological and physical dependence on the drug is so great that
cure of tramadol addiction, in most cases, is no longer possible.

Also, starting from this point, the probability of death from an overdose of tramadol increases dramatically – by about 50 percent:
Tramadol, like most drugs, over time, has a lesser impact on the mind of the addict, therefore,
dependent gradually increases the dose of consumption, which can lead to an overdose, as a result of which, in turn,
blocking of the body’s systems responsible for breathing, its arrest, loss of consciousness, and, if on time within 10–15 minutes, may occur,
Do not take action – cardiac arrest, coma, and death.


Withdrawal syndrome. With an abrupt cessation of the use of tramadol, as is the case with most other drugs,
abstinence syndrome occurs, or – the so-called “withdrawal syndrome” (“breaking”). It is impossible not to note the fact that the withdrawal syndrome, which arose against the background of abrupt withdrawal of tramadol, in its symptoms is the strongest for the addict, compared with the withdrawal syndrome, arising against the background of an abrupt cessation of taking any other drug. In other words, those physical, mental, and psychological sufferings experienced during the withdrawal syndrome, tramadol-dependent, are the most powerful for the human psyche and organism experienced during the withdrawal syndrome compared with the anguish experienced during the withdrawal syndrome anesthetical to any other drugs.

The withdrawal syndrome, which arose against the background of an abrupt cessation of the administration of tramadol, during its onset, lasts for 20-25 days: Hallucinations increase – appear more often, they become more realistic, and, at the same time –
their character becomes depressive and aggressive, severe depression begins – with thoughts of suicide, the addict is tormented by thoughts of all his problems and experiences at the same time, there are abnormal in strength, for a sober person, feelings
guilt, shame for all their real and fictional misconduct, anger at himself, a sense of irrational fear for oneself and loved ones, and
anger for injustice in this world. There are uncontrollable bouts of irritability, anger, aggression, hysteria. The addict constantly has a headache, the pressure rises, the dependent then fever, then throws fever and sweat, there is noticeable physical weakness – to the extent that
some addicts, without any help, cannot even sit down, the addict has sore muscles in the whole body, they are pulled, pulled, twisted, ached,
there is rapid heartbeat, appetite disappears altogether, motor activity decreases sharply – to the extent that
dependent throughout the withdrawal syndrome may lie in one place.

All symptoms of withdrawal symptoms are aggravated in the evening and at night, when the addict cannot fall asleep, and if it turns out,
sees realistic nightmares that, combined with
the inability to fully fall asleep, residual narcotic intoxication, combined with the already damaged psyche,
interspersed with hallucinations.

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